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"AL RAZI Network for Medical sciences and Molecular Biology is an international non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing cooperation and coordination among scientists and researchers, to recognizing significant achievements in science around the world"

Invitation to Join Our Editorial Team

RNMSMB journals is seeking qualified researchers as members of the editorial team. Like other international journals, ARNMSMB Journals will serve as a great resource for researchers and students across the world. ARNMSMB Journals ask you to support this initiative by joining our editorial team.

We need these documents for processing:

  1. Complete CV and Research Experience.
  2. One Photograph (Fresh for webpage)
  3. PhD degree that related to ARNMSMB Journals topic.
  4. Complete address and Phone Number.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the editorial team, kindly send your resume (CV) to:

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