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"AL RAZI Network for Medical sciences and Molecular Biology is an international non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing cooperation and coordination among scientists and researchers, to recognizing significant achievements in science around the world"

Review Policy and Procedure

  • Manuscripts are reviewed by expertise in the research area. Reviewers, Associate Editors, and the Editor evaluate manuscripts for innovations in, significant contributions to, and noteworthy advances in the theoretical or conceptual bases of the scientific field.
  • Correspondence and notifications regarding manuscripts will be through e-mail.
  • All reviewer comments and author revisions are handled electronically.
  • Copy editing queries and page proofs (or e-galleys) are also provided via e-mail.
  • Final acceptance of a manuscript is contingent upon compliance with requirements. Manuscripts other than Special Invited Papers are generally published in the order of receipt of the final, accepted version or of the corrected proof.
  • High visibility and readership
  • Our open access model ensures high visibility and maximum exposure of your work to anyone in your field.

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